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When You’re Happy, We’re Happy

Who better to tell you about Bicoastal Bites Catering than our customers? What our clients say is extremely important to us. Without client satisfaction, we would not have a business. That is why Bicoastal Bites Catering is so invested in making sure that clients are happy with all of the services we provide. Take a look at what people in the past have said about us and schedule your meeting today to start working together.

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I had such a wonderful experience at two catering events by Bicoastal Bites. The decor for 4th of July venue was amazing right down to the details of the food in festive red,white and blue. The Halloween venue was spectacular and included a photo session with lighting and background choices. Kids were indulged in a candy hunt due to Covid restrictions but thinking of alternate ways to entertain during Covid was spectacular. Decor was elaborate and guest's were treated with different areas of creative scary zones. The food was amazing and included a superb Ursula Halloween cake.

Diana Barnes      Littlerock, CA 

Wine Toasting